Evicting tenants who are subletting without consent

It is not only criminals and con-artists who have realised that high demand for rental property in some areas can be taken advantage of, this can potential earn them a significant amount of money at the expense of both their landlord and their often unsuspecting sub-tenant. Tenant Evictions can help landlords get their property back if they suspect their property is being sublet.

  • Subletting rental property breeches nearly all tenancy agreements
  • Some tenants take on a tenancy with the intention to re-let for a higher price
  • Landlords realise they have no control over who is living in their property
  • We can evict all the tenants and "sub-tenants" from your property

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These untrustworthy' tenants' take on tenancies from both landlords and letting agents with no intention of living the property. Instead they usual have a number of ‘tenants’ waiting to move in to the property. These are usually people who are unable to take out tenancies either because they will not pass a tenant reference, have poor credit ratings, have no identity documents, are criminals themselves.

This popular scam often involves the original tenant converting rooms in to a larger house to create additional bedrooms to maximise rental, dining rooms, lounges, or even just dividing up larger bedrooms. This clearly leads to overcrowding.

Tenants in smaller properties have also taken to renting rooms out to people, in order to make ends meet and make money for themselves.  Tenants have even been known to sign for the property, and then rent it out as holiday lets!

Properties have also been let out to criminal gangs, illegal immigrants and unscrupulous individuals. This means that, as a landlord, you have no idea of who is living in the property and have not been able to reference them. If there is damage committed, there is the chance that it will be harder to find out who was responsible for it. There is also the chance that sub-letting leads to over-crowding, which in turn means that anti-social behaviour is likely to increase.

Removing tenants who are subletting without authorisation should be done quickly, please speak to
Tenant Evictions today, these are one of our most frequent types of cases and we are highly experienced in this area and hold a 100% success rate for evictions tenants who sublet.

Expert help with evicting subletting tenants

The problem here is a double one. Firstly, it involves deceiving the landlord, because the tenant who you rent the property to might not be the one who actually lives there. It also involves misleading the tenant who they are sub-letting to, because the person is pretending to be a landlord!

Tenant-Evictions have recently evicted a “tenant” who took on a large family home, near to a local private school for his 5 daughters. There were no daughters, or school - the tenant was a conman, who let the rooms out, even splitting a number of them into smaller rooms, he demanded upfront rent from desperate individuals, then left the landlord with his new “tenants”, and guess what – no rent! Situations like these are extreme, however subletting is not. Each situation needs to be dealt with swiftly and legally.  

Important advice - please read
Under no circumstances be drawn in to a bitter row with your tenant(s), however annoyed you may be (or how much rent is outstanding), it is important that you remain calm and act reasonable. Harassing your tenant(s) could land you with a £10,000 fine. Our eviction service removes you from this situation by dealing directly with the court and tenants on your behalf - Request free advice.

Tenant Evictions UK can deal with the fallout of such unscrupulous tenants. Many landlords are often worried that there is a high cost to pay by pursuing eviction, and that fees will spiral out of control. There is no need to worry with Tenant-Evictions as we operate on a low cost and fixed fee basis – so you know exactly where you stand even if you need to evict tenants without an contact agreement / lease.

We evict tenants quickly, because our eviction team will start working on your case immediately, on your behalf. The cases are not always easy to prove, and tracking down fraudsters can be tricky, so it is imperative to act quickly and hire an expert team such as Tenant Evictions rather than attempt to find a solution yourself and potentially waste valuable time.

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