Find your missing tenants who have left owing rent

Tenant Evictions offer a low cost "No find - No fee" tenant tracing service to help you find your missing tenant(s). We have a dedicated tracing department who have successfully traced thousands of missing tenants. We can also pursue the debt on your behalf.

  • Search over 35 different databases
  • Only confirm a search when we have three independent confirmations
  • Once traced the tracing team manually verify they are the correct person
  • If we don't find your tenant, there is NO FEE

Our dedicated debt recovery team will look at your individual situation and give you bespoke advice as to how to intend to recover the debt. Through using our debt recovery bailiff service, the tenant knows that you are serious about recovering the money and will not allow the situation to continue. This is a potentially difficult situation, so it is important to understand how we deal with it.

Once we have tracked down the tenant the first thing that we do it to write to the debtor, explaining how serious the situation is, and we then give them seven days to pay to avoid legal action. This is often the best way to get the debtor to pay.

If this fails to work, we would then look to visit the debtor, which is an effective solution in most cases. This works because the bailiff will visit the tenant at home or work and enquire about the money owed. This means that if the debtor has moved back home or they are in work, they will generally co-operate with the bailiff to avoid any embarrassment, which means a quick resolution for you.

It is also possible to take legal action against a tenant for rent arrears whilst they are still living in the property if there are persistent problems. Frequent late payments or tenants who are so late paying the rent they are always in arrears, are ongoing issues and we can take fast, efficient action for you.

We can also deal with situations where the tenant has left owing a debt to the landlord, this can be because they have either not paid the rent due, have built up arrears over time, or thought they could get away with not paying the last months rent, or because there has been property damage (which exceeds the value of the bond held).

Typically in these cases the tenant will not leave a forwarding address! but for Tenant Evictions this is not a problem as we can usually quickly locate the tenant and then start the debt recovery process for you.

Our service is no trace, no fee - so why not try us today?
You have nothing to lose, but can potentially claw back all the amount owed to you.

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