Dealing with tenants who are persistently late paying the rent

Tenants who are late with the rent can cause serious financial inconvenience to the landlord. Late rent is not usually a problem which resolves itself – instead in most cases the payment situation gets worse as tenants get further behind with payments. For most landlords this is not a viable situation, as the rental income is essential. Once the rental payments get beyond a certain point usually the only way to take control is to start evicting your non paying tenants quickly so you can get new tenants.

Tenant-Evictions understand how difficult that this situation can be for you as a landlord and we are increasingly helping landlords deal with this problem. We understand that getting this situation resolved is fundamental for you, because tenants who pay late can cause you numerous problems, especially if you have a mortgage on the property.

Some tenants just don’t prioritise their rent because they think that the landlord can afford not to receive it, or that they won't notice if they delay it long enough, maybe they can even miss a month! This is not the case and over 90% of the landlords we deal have mortgaged properties, which need to be paid. Not only do persistent late payers cause embarrassment, they can also lead to landlords having a cash-flow problem, because:-

  • You need to cover the mortgage each month, using your own money.
  • You receive late payment charges on your mortgage.
  • You are unable to pay your mortgage and fall into arrears.
  • Your standard of living is significantly affected.
  • You have to chase rent payments each month, which you are not happy to do.

Avoid delays - start the eviction process today
Tenant Evictions UK offers a fast and reliable eviction and rent recovery service. We have a dedicated legal team ready to process your case immediately. Our eviction service is one of the fastest in the UK, which can save you 6 - 8 weeks in lost rent. Go straight to eviction step 1.

What should you do if your tenant is always late paying the rent?

  • Under the Residential Tenancies Act, non-paying tenants can be evicted, because under the law you are entitled to receive your rent by midnight on the night that it is due.
  • It is unlikely that you would want to evict somebody for a first offence - there could be many reasons why people have not paid. Perhaps their wages have been delayed getting into the bank, they have been hit with an unexpected and large bill, or they have had a change in circumstances.
  • On-going problems with payment mean that you will need to address the issue quickly. Eviction is often granted where tenants owe 8 weeks, or 2 months, rent. The other option for the landlord is to enforce the repayment of the debt, but let the tenant stay in the property.

Important advice - please read
Under no circumstances be drawn in to a bitter row with your tenant(s), however annoyed you may be (or how much rent is outstanding), it is important that you remain calm and act reasonable. Harassing your tenant(s) could land you with a £10,000 fine. Our eviction service removes you from this situation by dealing directly with the court and tenants on your behalf - Request free advice.

We understand that this is not a situation that any landlord wants to be in, and the amount of stress and hassle it causes you each month chasing the overdue payment, but as more and more people enter the rental market, you could have a tenant who pays on time. Tenant Evictions will look after and manage the case against your late paying tenants, which means that you can eventually replace them with tenants who will pay on time, and won't have to listen to one more excuse as to why the rent is late.

We can also offer a rent guarantee insurance for 6 to 12 months, meaning that you can be assured that your new tenant will pay on time, or we will cover the shortfall for you. 

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