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Tenant Evictions are UK eviction specialists, highly experienced in all areas of Landlord and Tenant law. We have eviction lawyers ready to start on your case immediately. Our scale and volume enables us to provide our expert tenant eviction services at the lowest possible prices.

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Tenant Evictions UK offers a fast and reliable eviction and rent recovery service. We have a dedicated legal team ready to process your case immediately. Our eviction service is one of the fastest in the UK, which can save you 6 - 8 weeks in lost rent. Go straight to eviction step 1.

Contrary to popular belief we understand that the majority of landlords are not millionaires! And that in fact your property investments are your livelihood and just one non-paying tenant can send your balance sheet in to the red quickly.

This is why Tenant-Evictions act fast to resolve your case. We typically aim to save 6-8 weeks of lost rent by quickly completing paper work and filing applications, ensuring any potential legal 'holes' are plugged before court to ensure a water tight case which offers no alternative, and no loop holes - so we get the eviction order first time, without delay.

  • Save approximately 6 – 8 weeks in lost rent
  • 100% Accurate paperwork ensures no court delays
  • Secure and robust case building to warrant fast eviction order
  • We take over the entire case and deal with everything on your behalf
  • Your own expert case manager will keep you up to date with our progress
“Fantastic service from start to finish, since using TenantEvictions we have 100% success rate [with evictions], highly recommended and highly praised”
- Baker & Elder Limited – Portsmouth

Tenants not paying the rent:

Rent arrears are one of the most common reasons landlords and letting agents come to us to start eviction proceedings. Regardless of the reasons behind the tenant not paying the rent, the spiralling rent debt can be crippling for any landlord.
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Tenants who are always late paying the rent:

Tenants who are always late with the rent can put a huge strain on the landlords’ cash flow, often the landlord is unsure if he/she will be paid at all. This generally becomes the ‘norm’ until the rent becomes later and later. Early eviction is often viewed as the safest option to avoid large rent debt building up.
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Tenants who are subletting without consent:

Tenants ‘subletting without consent’ often comes as a shock to most landlords. It often only comes to light after a suspicion inspection, or complaints by neighbours or the police. If you are worried you may have sub-tenants please contact us and we will seek to evict the sub-tenants and terminate the tenancy agreement with the original tenant.
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When tenants are causing property damage:

Landlords should generally expect the property and furniture to be looked after. If damage occurs outside the scope of general wear and tear then the landlord is right to expect this to be fixed by the tenant or the cost covered, it the tenants refuse then you may want to take action to have them evicted.
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Tenant-Evictions.co.uk provide a highly effective low cost eviction service with a 99% success rate. Our expert in-house eviction team provide the best quality advice and free eviction case review for all landlords and letting agents.


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"The service is excellent from TenantEvictions, our lettings teams have great relationships with the team. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated with accuracy and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. The whole team enjoy our partnership with TenantEvictions and we are looking to expand as a company and grow with the help of key partners! Tenant Referencing is essential, the TenantEvictions team are pro-active and forward thinking like ourselves and can handle our high volumes as we do let a lot of properties!"
Greene & Co – West Hampstead

"Due to the sympathetic approach I took my tenants owed me 5 months rent. Countless broken promises had driven me to despair. A local Letting Agent then recommended TenantEvictions. One phone call later and at last I had a team of professionals on my side. Charles thoroughly explained the process and advised me of the best course of action. I was able to phone him with any questions and always got an informed and prompt response. TenantEvictions then took care of everything. Six weeks later I had my flat back and a judgement against the "Tenants from Hell". All for less than a month's rent. Outstanding service from Charles and everyone at TenantEvictions. I would recommend them to anyone who needs results and peace of mind quickly."
RJ – Burgess Hill (Private Landlord)